Palatable: Update 5 in the test region (test) Ver Öll;

The Satisfactory update 5 has been distributed in the Experimental Area on Steam and Epic Games Store, ie in the test area of \\u200b\\u200bthe early access variant. The public trial of the update might require half a month. The engineers appreciate about a month.

Update 5 does exclude new creation structures, creation plans or examination levels. Rather, existing game components will be changed and gotten to the next level. Aside from that the designers further develop the overall development prospects and a few regions of the planet (Northern Forest, Dune Desert, Caves), there will be numerous new surface level manufacturing plant parts that can be worked with better production lines. These incorporate u.a. New dividers, windows, transporters, walkways and various new rooftops. Certain pieces of structures can likewise cover – contingent upon the kind of building.