Spielkultur: P-Dagogical Media Prize 2021: Two rounds of Publisher Handygames granted

A couple of days prior, a few games in the instructive media cost 2021 were granted in Munich, which are especially important for youngsters and teenagers as educationally significant. Among the enormous champs of the granted the THQ Nordic auxiliary Handygames from Germany had a place: two rounds of the organization were granted by the jury.

These included El Hijo \\u0026 # x2013, among others; A Wild West Tale (to the test). The Publisher himself depicts the title as \\u0026 # X201E; Exciting Spaghetti Western Stealth game in which a 6-year-old kid looking for his mom maneuvers into the experience! El Hijo is energizing and peaceful. Rather than brutality, the game rather sets the wicked, inventive fun loving nature of a little youngster. \\u0026 # X201c; The cost of the game will be decreased by half at Steam from Mondayend.